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Company Introduction

When it comes to choosing someone to install Central Heating System (Boiler/Radiators ) at your home or workplace, what can be more important than such factors as safety, honesty, integrity, fair prices, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction?

Our team at Comfort Solutions have worked hard over the past 25 years to build a reputation for product knowledge,experience and service done right the first time--with solutions for every budget. We are proud to offer Italian-made products from Fondital/Blowtherm Heating Systems that are built to last, save on energy costs, operate quietly, and come with warranties that ensure long-term value. From highly efficient natural Gas/Lpg & Electrical products of central Heating Systems with high ratings, We have you covered.

When it comes to installation, repairs, after hours emergency service during the heating and cooling seasons, maintenance programs, or parts and labor warranty plans to ensure efficient and safe operation of your equipment,our team of qualified, insured technicians take pride in doing things right.

Aluminum Panel Radiators

Aluminum Radiators offer highest rate of efficiency. It also makes a difference with its interior design and outlook. Aluminum radiator products are resistant to highly hydrostatic pressures. Aluminum radiators are 80% lighter in weight than the radiators made from iron sheet. Aluminum radiators are multi-functional products and highly decorative, open to special uses in the bathroom kitchen etc. They are the most advantageous solution for those who value the cost of installation, together with the cost of operation and long life of usage.


A boiler is essentially a closed container that holds fluid and heats it for a variety of uses, particularly for the central heating system of a domestic household. Boilers do indeed come in an assortment of shapes and sizes offering a variety of uses of varying requirements, e.g. Boilers for Sealed Systems, Boilers for Regular Systems, etc. The most efficient type of boiler on the market, now the industry standard, are Condensing Boilers, also known as high efficiency boilers. A Condensing Boiler will recycle flue gases that would normally be wasted from a non condensing boiler. This means that less energy is required to power your boiler, as a result you can help to save our environment and significantly reduce your fuel consumption costs.

  • Workers capability at low voltage.
  • Heat efficiency for these boilers in 93%.
  • Produced and tested for 6 bar design pressure.
  • ISO certificate of Quality Management System.
  • Warning systems with light & sound.
  • Anti freeze function.
  • Safety systems against ohimney problems.
  • Thernmostat against overheating.
  • Pump anti-lockage systems.

Pex piping and plumbing

Piping is an essential and crucial part of any heating system installation. The service is provided by Comfort Solutions through a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians. In addition, the team uses highest quality fire, pressure and corrosion resistant material imported from top international brands in a bid to ensure reliability, durability and highest efficiency of the installed equipment and its fitting. The combination of piping material from IVT (Italy) and fitting and manifold equipment from Valsir, for instance, ensures that the installed network – be it with or without the joints - remains leakage free, maintenance free, and easy to be replaced in case the need arises.

  • High quality imported equipment
  • With or without joints
  • Unbreakable
  • Leakage free
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to Replace

Comfort Services / After Services

The evaporative cooling system cools the air through increasing the level of moisture in the air which makes it a best option for dry areas.


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