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Cost-effective and Energy Efficient

One of the key advantages of Evaporative Cooling systems is its economical nature with compare to traditional Air Conditioning systems. It saves up to 75% of energy and provides healthier fresh air.

Low-price installation and maintenance

The installation of Evaporative cooling system is cheaper because it doesn’t require a compressor, refrigerants and working fluid. The system efficiently utilizes fan and water pump to give cool air throughout the enclosed space. The maintenance therefore is cost-effective.

Best for Dry climates

The evaporative cooling system cools the air through increasing the level of moisture in the air which makes it a best option for dry areas.

Improved air quality

One of another remarkable advantage of Evaporative Cooling system is that it lets you breathe fresh air, unlike its counterpart where inhabitants have to breathe stale air continuously for hours. The systems draws in the outside air through cooling pads, it provides filtered cool air.

Noise-free operation

You don’t have to experience annoying noise at the midnight when everything in the surrounding is asleep. We can say it is a whisper quite system which don’t interrupt your sleep.

How to install an evaporative cooling system?

The installation process is hassle free as defined below: 1.Our qualified professional team will connect the unit at the roof top. That includes the following equipment:

  • Ducting
  • Water system
  • Power system
  • Controller