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During Summers, Pakistan are especially vulnerable to hot weather hazards, most of the cities of Pakistan can be as much as 10 to 15 degree warmer than surrounding areas because the cities infra structure largely made up of asphalt, concrete and metal that traps the heat. Keeping cool indoor when it is hot outdoor is a probl em. The sun beating down on our homes causes Indoor Temparature to Rise to uncomfortable levels. Air conditioning provides some relief but the initial cost of installing an air conditioner and the electricity costs to run it can be high. About the third of the unwanted heat that builds up in your home comes in through the roof. This is hard to control with traditional roofing materials.

Uss Solar chips insulation 100% Heat Proof & Water Proof saves energy (air-conditioners') and bill reduces up to 70% Solar Chemical chips investment on your home roof will pay back withing 3 year. Your room temperature will retain same all the day. Chips Panel Standard Size of box 30"×30" inches. Heat Proof Solar Chips thickness (3/4) size. Uss Professionally applies Heat Proof Solar Chemical Powder at upper layer of the roof which reflects spectrum radiation (visible portion) and absorbs infrared rays only.
Under the Umbrella of Comfort Solutions Unique Solar Chips Insulation has developed Chips Insulation for Roof & Terraces with Special Heat Reflective glaze (HRNT-613), which contributes to energy saving by decreasing cooling & heating cost. Unique Solar Chips are also available in 10mm HRNT-613 (N) thickness which insulate 30% less insulation compared to 34mm. Now you can have the advantage of Unique Solar Chips Solutions for the insulation from heat/ Cold/ Frost proofing of roofs of residential projects, industrial projects, commercial buildings and storage facilities.Heat radiation through the roof.

Radiation from the sun can increase the temperature on a flat roof surface very high. The heat penetrates via the top layer to the inside, resulting in temperatures in the underlying building and/or level increasing to extreme heights (figure 1a). By installing Unique Solar Chips Insulation on top of the existing roof, the sun’s radiation can no longer reach the underlying roof and thus prevents it from warming up. (Figure 1b) The inside temperature will be reduced, which provides a more pleasant and comfortable work environment. Low temperatures. Unique Solar Chips Insulation provide extra energy savings during cold periods too. During colder periods with frost over the roof tiles, a clear difference in temperature is noticeable. Measuring Results of January 2019 (frost) on the bare roof shows low (-) temperatures, while at the same time under the Unique Solar Chips Insulation they show warmer temperature. Snow is also prevented from making direct contact with the Insulation material, resulting in the formation of an insulating blanket above the cavity layer and creating a layer of still air that provides extra insulation (figure4a&4b).A summary of the benefits:

Using top of the line state-of-the-art technology.

  • Can be used on many roofs without any necessary adjustments by just using cement.
  • The roof can be utilized for conducting any event, as the roof looks neat and tidy and can take movable weight.
  • Extends the life of the underlying roof. In case of bitumen the life can even be expanded by 2 to 4 times (depending on the type of bitumen)
  • Prevents odor of bitumen
  • High foot traffic is possible
  • Long term high insulation efficiency.
  • Excellent compressive strength.
  • Anti-slip
  • No maintenance
  • Storm-proof

Large energy savings to be achieved and thus CO2 reduction and financial benefits

  • Comfortable living / working climate
  • Decrease of needed cooling power
  • Uniform density distribution.
  • Resistance to aging and rotting
  • High resistance to thermal cycle.
  • Temperature difference indoors can reduce
  • Large savings on staff downtime and productivity
  • User-friendly (You can use the roof for work space or organizing any event)
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Investment in the future
  • You show corporate social responsibility
  • Thoroughly closed-cell structure.Usage:
  • Roof Insulation of Residential complexes (Apartments, Bungalows etc.)
  • Roof Insulation of Pharmaceuticals Factories
  • Roof Insulation of Commercial & Industrial buildings
  • Roof Insulation of Cold Storages (Perishable items)
  • Roof Insulation of Poultry Farms, Meat Farms etc.
  • Roof Insulation of Water Tank, Acid Tanks etc.

Reflection provides a high albedo (extent of reflection of light.): The HRNT613 glaze provides high reflection of the sun’s radiation (85%) resulting in the ambient temperature being significantly reduced. Keeping this in mind, the National Insulation Tiles can be used as an effective measure against Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI). Also, smog and particulates in industrial development and / or urban areas are contained. This special reflective glaze is used on 2 thicknesses tiles. The two options in thicknesses are available to cater the price sensitive clients as well.