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UPVC doors and windows can help reduce your energy budget. uPVC windows have very high insulation properties (especially the double-glazed ones). Double glazing provides a vacuum between the windows panes which prevents expensive heat and warm air from leaving your house while also preventing draughts and cold air from entering. This function has a general effect of saving energy.


Our line of high-quality UPVC windows is affordable while also providing a significant improvement in efficiency over standard domestic windows. uPVC windows provide excellent insulation, long-term durability, and a variety of custom colors, design, and fitting choices for those looking to maximize efficiency on a budget. If it's a replacement or a new build, energy efficiency or certification.

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A moderate main door is an integral part of any living area exterior, as it sets the tone for the entire exterior. Many people believe that price often reflects quality, but uPVC manages to defy expectations. uPVC provides great value for money and is an ideal all-around door choice because of its excellent insulation capabilities, adequate customization options, and low maintenance requirements. The simplicity with which it can be implemented.

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Lower energy costs with outstanding thermal performance

Opting for uPVC windows from Designercan help make your home more energy efficient and can even reduce costs. \We can install uPVC windows that achieve an ‘A’ rating – the highest available for any style window, easily conforming to FSC standards.

As well as saving energy this means that the warmth within the property will be dramatically increased, meaning you will no longer have to worry about draughts. uPVC is the reliable window material that never stops giving. Our uPVC windows are also designed to weatherproof your Croydon or Bromley home.

Ghani Glass

Designer Windows is pleased to offer the market-leading Planitherm Glass in the design of our uPVC windows. Typically, glass can take up 70% of your window and is responsible for the level of security, thermal efficiency and light that enters your Croydon or Bromley home. That’s why we offer our customers Energy Standard, Comfort and Comfort Plus glass options. This toughened glass offers an invisible layer and will last the lifetime of your window.

Customised Products

Standard uPVC doors are some of the most versatile products on the market, appearing in homes across the country thanks to their ability to fit in perfectly with almost any property. A cost-effective choice, modern uPVC doors can be styled in any number of configurations so that you can enjoy a bespoke product, made-to-order for your home improvements.

uPVC is an adaptable material, and we can therefore offer several door panel configurations and glazing designs in your design process. They can even be designed in tandem with our uPVC windows to make sure that they all match! They can also be designed to open inwards or outwards, come in a lead-free framework and can be modified with a variety of colours and hardware options.


Unlike traditional wooden windows and doors, uPVC doors and windows often require very little attention. You can clean them by using just detergent and water. Again, the locks only need occasional oiling. They are also waterproof meaning they cannot rust or rot like wooden windows and doors would do over time.

Cheaper when compared to products with similar performance.